All Artist Statements

Children of Earth (1) and (2):

With this work, I seek to illustrate the connection between our planet and ourselves. It is easy to forget that we are simply one of Nature’s many parts, not separate entities. Our “man-made world”, which we inhabit, can blind us to the fact that we are part of the planet, just as our heart and lungs are integral parts of our bodies.  When we do harm to the water, air, and soil—when we disregard the importance of the diversity of plants and animals—we hurt ourselves. We need to remember is not “the environment”, it is our environment.

The Moon Sees Me (and you):

The Moon is the silent witness to humanity’s treatment of Earth. This series places focus on Earth’s threatened, endangered, and recently extinct.

Live Models (portraits):

My goal when I create a portrait is to showcase a person’s uniqueness. I am available for commissions (from photographs) and can work in ink, acrylics, oils, or charcoal.


I love your pets almost as much as you do! How lucky am I to be able to work with people to make a portrait that lets their pet’s personality shine through. The first two in this section are my little Zelda, she’ll always hold a place in my heart.