Sue Buenger

I have been working as an artist my whole life. I love creating portraits, not just of people, but portraits of Mother Nature’s children and portraits of moments. Much of my work is driven by my desire to illustrate the connections of Earth’s inhabitants to each other.

I enjoy variety,  challenges, and working with many different mediums. This self-portrait is a digital collage of a photo I took of myself, a photo of wet concrete with the impressions of leaves on it, and an acrylic painting of mine called “Fairytale”.

I am proud to be represented by Lucky Tree art gallery in Raleigh, 3801 Hillsborough St. Raleigh, North Carolina

Additionally, my painting “Asleep I” was awarded an Honorable Mention at FALC’s 22nd Annual Juried Exhibition (2017) at the Paige-Walker Art and History Center in Cary, NC.